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Who are we?

NASCOR is a service society specialized in independent financial planning and online trading.

We can operate independently because we take no profits from banks, sim and brokers. Our choices are free from conflicts of interest, our Costumers are the only interest we have.

We have a ten-years experience in the financial world, we directly operate in the world of financial markets.

We never become owners of your savings, we just give you the best advice, we let you reduce the management fees, and your capital is always available. Together with you we plan the best opportunities to reach your goals and nowadays this is possible even with a small capital, if the financial products are available.

Financial markets are continuously evolving, NASCOR using specific softwares and strategies ANALYZES everyday these markets, SELECTS the best opportunities of the moment, POINTS OUT when to enter the market, MONITORS hour per hour the open positions and warns you when it is the right moment to close yours.

REGISTER at our website, in the news area you will be able to read our analysis and forecasting of the biggest markets.



for a rendezvous, we will explain to you all features.

NASCOR will explain to you a simple and clear way to make you savings increase, pointing out the most modern and suitable tools.
In NASCOR offices you will see us operating it real-time. You will be given the oppotunity to have a realistic view of the operating method.





The great passion for financial markets led him to attend a lot of financial analysis courses and stages, and in the meantime he got specialized in online trading.

In 2014 he founded the NASCOR Company, of which he is CEO.

Thanks to his wide knowledge and experience he has been able to develop some softwares and operative systems that, according to the correct application of money management rules, allowed him to obtain very important results.

The structure is managed by a highly experienced Team which, after very extensive studies, can operate with rationality and discipline in order to never leave anything to chance.